Colour Protect Posted on 30 Dec 10:07

Having high end fashion color is not only a long procedure but can become at a high end cost with high end Maintenance, so having the latest fashionable color are not the easiest to maintain. Here is our guidelines on how to take good care of these strands and get the most out of longevity
Make sure your hair is in a good condition before, during and after going through the Lightening Process (Ask our Stylists how)
Darker Shades will last longer, be prepared for regular visits if you want to maintain your Pastel Tones
After Care plays a big role, Heat Styling, UV Rays, Swimming and incorrect Shampoo could remove color faster than you could blink!

The Ultimate Color Repair line is very unique because of its Quinoa Color-Locking System. Quinoa is considered a “superfood.” Not only is it great for the hair on the inside, but its benefits translate to the outside as well. It’s packed with protein, amino acids and Vitamin E, which creates a “shield” around the hair—from shaft to end—locking in color, protecting it from the elements and repairing damage. The sulphate-free shampoo gently cleans while natural extracts make your hair supple and smooth. The conditioner preserves the color with antioxidants, which provides natural UV-protection against fading. As a redhead, I personally love the Triple Rescue® spray. This dual-phase spray protects against heat-styling damage and replenishes lifeless hair to make it sleek and manageable.
Stay Colorful and Bold! 

By Senior Stylist Taurique Behardien